National Volunteer Week

The importance of a thank you and ways to celebrate!

What is National Volunteer Week?

National Volunteer Week is celebrated annually during the third week of April. This week-long celebration is about placing a spotlight on individuals whose kindness, talent and selflessness through volunteering are bettering the community and our world in general. 

Did you know that Americans volunteer 8.8 billion hours annually?! Volunteers are the glue that holds together our community. Reliable volunteers helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals and organizations in need.

National Volunteer Week is the perfect opportunity to recognize the volunteers supporting our communities. As a nonprofit organization, take the time to thank the individuals who selflessly give their time and talent to support your mission.

Why is National Volunteer Week important for your organization to celebrate?

Volunteers are an invaluable resource to further your mission work and awareness in your community. According to the Independent Sector, with the Do Good Institute, a volunteer hour is estimated to be worth $29.95! Empowering, expanding and enlisting volunteers to be active supporters of your organization will direct more time, talent and treasures towards your work.

National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity to celebrate your current volunteers, share the impact their support has made possible AND show other opportunities for new volunteers to support. 

Ways to Celebrate National Volunteer Week (regardless of your organization resources)

There are a number of meaningful ways to celebrate your volunteers, regardless of the resources you have available. 


  • Host a Volunteer Appreciation Event: Take the time to plan a celebration event to recognize and thank all of the volunteers that have supported your organization over the past year. Pick a theme, invite your board members, plan a few surprises and prepare a few words that explain the gratitude, appreciation and impact of the time and talent the individuals in the room have on your organization. 
  • Award ‘Top’ Volunteers: Recognize volunteers that have gone above and beyond by naming a few volunteers for different categories (ex. Top volunteer hours, Most Dedicated, Volunteer of the Year,  etc.). Write a blog, create a certificate, create a social media post, etc to highlight these individuals.  
  • Write Hand-written cards: A simple hand-written note from staff thanking each volunteer for their dedication and time is a low-cost, heart-felt way to express gratitude and thanks. 


  • Post to social media: Plan a social media campaign to showcase your VIP volunteers, share the impact of your volunteers, volunteering opportunities, and to thank your volunteers for their support.
  • Send virtual thank you notes: Put together an email newsletter to be sent out to your volunteers to thank them for their time and talents. Check out this plug and send email template for thanking your volunteers. 
  • Send out a volunteer survey: Make your volunteers feel heard, appreciated AND help your organization better your volunteer program by sending an annual volunteer survey. This gives an opportunity for you to say thank you to and provides them the ability to share their thoughts and opinions on their experience.  

Take the Time to Thank Your Volunteers

It doesn’t matter how you thank and recognize your volunteers. It only matters that you do. Plan how you are going to thank your volunteers today. We have put together a free thank you template for volunteers. 

We also have thank you cards and thank you gift tags available in our Presence & Company shop that are perfect for handwritten thank yous or to accompany your volunteer gifts.