Our Services

Align your organization in a unique way that resonates with you and your audience.

Whether a for profit or nonprofit, your organization is selling a purpose, a solution. A compelling brand message and case story are essential tools for entrepreneurs to avoid distractions while chasing dreams. This allows you to break through the noise and speak to your intended audience.

At Presence&Company, we’ve handcrafted a collaborative approach to working directly with thought leaders at our client companies to develop a meaningful foundation. Our goal is to get to know your heart and soul, and through this create a comprehensive identity that starts with purpose ends with actionable strategy. The end result? A creative shift in the way your brand speaks to your audience to create an organization that operates with purpose in a confident way.

Our Entrepreneur Program

The Brand Purpose Project invites you to turn your brand into a party. With the right message, clients will beg to get on the guest list. We walk through phases that:

  • Identify your brand identity.
  • Simplify your offer statements.
  • Clarify your brand’s value.
  • Take action with a purpose-driven brand.

Throughout the project, we craft highly considered brand statements that will speak to your soul and capture the heart of those you aim to serve. The end result are key messages that influentially sell the work you do.  

Whether you need to find confidence about your focus, close more clients – or both – the Brand Purpose Project creates the foundation needed to lock in a fruitful strategy.

Our Nonprofit Program

The Funds for Purpose Project invites you to turn your nonprofit’s story into a party. With the right message, donors + supporters will beg to get on the guest list. We walk through phases that:

  • Capture the most compelling elements of your story.
  • Streamline how you collect, store + use stories in your strategy.
  • Identify grant opportunities + leverage stories to win more funds.
  • Build an effective, consistent communications + fundraising strategy.

Throughout the project, we craft professional content about your organization that will speak to your soul and capture the heart of those you aim to serve. The end result? Compelling messages to influence individuals to support, donate to + fund your cause.

Custom Needs + Agency Partnerships

We have additional content services that can be added to any package. Here’s some examples of how we can customize our work:

Brand Language: When a company needs to clearly identify its brand story, voice + other essential marketing messages, we’ll work hands-on to capture the essence of the brand and bring it to life.
Naming: Brand-spankin’ new? We’ll help you create a company name that aligns with your brand identity and goals.
Taglines:  Whether you need a catchy slogan for your overall brand or something specific to a campaign, we’re happy to help coin that little ditty.
Visual identity + Logo design: We’ll work together to align your brand message with a solid visual identity that will attract and resonate with clients.
Website content: We’ll capture the essence of your brand in a way that clearly communicates how you serve on every page of your website.


We also partner directly with other agencies in need of professional, compelling writers for client projects. Contact Us Today