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Our Mission is to deliver impactful fundraising stories into the hands of every nonprofit we meet. Presence&Company opens doors for nonprofits to create more impact. We re-energize your fundraising approach with strong case statements and foundational funding strategies. It is…

Show Your Donors Love

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Show Your Donors Love Build a donor relationship based on trust, consistency and appreciation. Valentine’s Day often first conjures images of a holiday for lovebirds in romantic relationships to show their affection for each other. Yet, there are a number…

Help These Nonprofits This #GivingTuesday


Looking for a great cause to donate to this Giving Season? I’ve compiled a list below of a some wonderful nonprofits with a wide range of causes. The diversity means it’s likely that, with a quick dive through this list,…

10 Tips to Prepare a Successful Grant Strategy


A winning grant strategy is about persistence, continuing to tell a compelling story and building relationships. Here are my 10 tips to prepare and be successful with a grants strategy. 1. Keep it simple, avoid overthinking it. I often say…

Shop Local During COVID-19

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While closures continue in the wake of COVID-19, the health conflict we face is now fueled with political divisiveness and economic turmoil. Many people share different opinions about exactly how to safely manage the epidemic while safely managing the impact…