Love the use of tone in the document and how people can help. Love how the document captures the urgent need of the program. Love how there are different levels to give.

— Dayo, founder of Inside Out Mentoring Program

Magic, it brought me to tears.

— Kathy, founder of Northmen Den Youth Services

“You two are amazing! Can't wait to work with you on other grant opportunities in the coming weeks / months.”

— Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, founder of 2892 Miles to Go

“Professionalism shows itself. Wonderfully done!” — Melinda Bridges, board member of The Purple Angels; case for support and grants


What We Do


Our Mission is to deliver impactful fundraising stories into the hands of every nonprofit we meet. Presence&Company opens doors for nonprofits to create more impact. We re-energize your fundraising approach with strong case statements and foundational funding strategies. It is…

How to Find Grants to Fund Your Nonprofit


Researching grants takes time and energy, and understanding the options and which details to focus on can make the job easier. Growing a nonprofit requires a lot of dedication – both to the mission and to finding the funds. Grants…

California Greenworks Inc.

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California Greenworks (CGW) is a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the quality of life in urban communities in Southern California through environmental education, urban revitalization, and green economics advocacy.  Through their programming they work to increase public awareness and…

Smile A While Foundation – 2023 EOY Appeal

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Smile A While Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that creates a continuous pipeline of pediatric therapists to the Caribbean. We do this by recruiting graduate therapy students who are looking for placement sites to complete their clinical fieldwork…

National Volunteer Week

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National Volunteer Week The importance of a thank you and ways to celebrate! What is National Volunteer Week? National Volunteer Week is celebrated annually during the third week of April. This week-long celebration is about placing a spotlight on individuals…


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Nisria is a community based organization in Gilgil, Kenya, creating a safe haven for vulnerable children and women. The organization’s mission is to provide vulnerable communities, especially children, with a safe space to heal and therefore prosper. As the organization…

Show Your Donors Love

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Show Your Donors Love Build a donor relationship based on trust, consistency and appreciation. Valentine’s Day often first conjures images of a holiday for lovebirds in romantic relationships to show their affection for each other. Yet, there are a number…