Our Oath

Presence&Co creates determination for our people in business, life and philanthropy. We keep company with individuals who genuinely care about others, have a deep desire to leave a friendly footprint and aspire to grow a purposeful business and lifestyle. When our people feel confident in following their hearts, we know we’re serving our role. Our ripple effect enacts positive change on the world, creating a shared sense of responsibility and enhancing our collective experiences and connections.

Our Values

At Presence&Company, we promise to encompass individuality in our pursuit to live purposefully.

In our work, we carry a strong dose of generosity. We want everyone we touch to thrive — our ripple effect is bigger than our bottom line. We will not waiver on our integrity, and promise to always have honest, open conversations to enable our clients in the most useful way to inspire growth. We fuel each interaction with creativity and focus on creating that next positive achievement for our clients.

Our core values reflect our inherent desire to do good while empowering others in the same way. In order to enact our ripple effect, we believe …

… In an altruistic way of life. When we think about our impact on others first and foremost, we create a generous, uplifting community that spreads like wildfire. It’s contagious.

… It’s important to create confidence & impact. When our people feel assured about the path they are following, we are all empowered to create the change this world needs.

… The best way to live is in practicing purposeful presence. Life happens, all the time. With our purpose as the foundation of our everyday, we can be intentional in the way we live and authentic in the way we behave. This means, in whatever activity we pursue, we’re fully immersed. This also means flexibility in our environment is important to enable our team and customers to be present when needed, where they are needed.

… Businesses can sell & serve within the same mission. When a business operates with a healthy profit, this creates opportunity to use that money for good. To sell & serve. With a purpose-driven strategy, business leaders are compelled to make socially conscious spending decisions.