Suggested Softwares

Running a nonprofit requires a lot of irons in the fire. Instead of reaching that all-too-common point of burnout by wearing too many hats, there are many tools that can increase productivity and relieve pressure on your team!

Our own team uses many of these tools in our business. Please note in the cases we are sharing referral links are denoted with a * and we receive account credits or other incentives when you enroll.

Grant Research

I prefer *Fluxx Grantseeker for grant foundation prospect research. It’s much more affordable than other platforms, and provides a great deal of detail about each funder. Use this referral link and we both earn $20 credit when you upgrade to a paid account.

Instrumentl offers a robust tool and grants database, with the opportunity to setup projects that will automatically curate lists of grants. However, it comes at a cost – this is by far among the most expensive tools, even at the basic level.

Impala Digital offers a database of nonprofit and grant foundation profiles from across the country. Search tools within the platform are free, and a great way to discover new opportunities; some advanced search tools are available with a subscription.

Project Management

*Airtable can help with project management, manage contact databases, and improve data collection and filtering for your nonprofit.

Trello is a simple tool for managing project tasks that also offers visual appeal for those who prefer to work off something that is more than just a list.

toggl track offers your team the abilty to easily track the amount of time a program takes, with timer tools to record hours spent on tasks. This tool also has a simple option for adding To Do lists within projects.

Donations + Donor Management

Donately offers free plans (with processing fees) and it’s fairly simple to use. Create your own custom campaign pages and host on a unique landing page for increased donor engagement.

Givebutter offers free options as well. Bonus to this platform, the org is doing a good job creating unique tools for different fundraising needs.

Donorbox again offers free options with basic processing fees. The platform has a variety of enhanced tools for donors, just review the features to understand costs associated with your potential needs.


*Gusto can help with many HR roles, from hiring and onboarding to paying and supporting your team. Use this referral link to earn $100 when you signup for a paid account.

Mailchimp is an email newsletter platform that also has many other capabilities, such as e-commerce tools and use as a CRM. We love that it integrates with so many tools, too!

Simplebooklet allows you to host PDF files as dynamic flip books so that donors can interact with your content in a way that feels more tangible. We host all our clients Case for Support files on Simplebooklet.