The Team

We’re your go-to team for professional and persuasive story-telling skills to boost your nonprofit’s fundraising and grant strategy. We want you to fall in love with the way we create your story, and we want your donors to fall head-over-heels with your cause. We aim to be a trustworthy, effective and valuable support system for your organization.

Lyssa Schmidt


I am a purpose-driven entrepreneur committed to serve the nonprofit industry with my strong writing skills and passion to create good in the world. With every word I write, I aim to influence hearts and souls to support your nonprofit’s mission. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism and Spanish, an MBA in Internet Marketing and a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Management. I have 15 years experience in communications, journalism and marketing, and 10 years experience in the nonprofit industry. 

I have a true passion for encouraging community around ideas and empowering others to do good in the world. I am a creative mother + wife so obsessed with beach I dug one in my own backyard and a never-ending itch to explore something new. Road trip!

Morgan Kirchenwitz


I am a creative professional and a never-ending student, seeking new opportunities to learn and grow in my skills and passions. I enjoy bringing the visual elements together that will truly speak to your audience, creating unique designs to inspire good in the world. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communication – Public Relations and a minor in Web, Digital, and Media Development. I have nearly a decade of experience in marketing and communications, including nonprofit fundraising and event promotions.

It’s my motto to always enjoy the moment, and I aspire to live that to its fullest with my two young children and husband. I am an active swimmer and runner, who loves spending time in the outdoors. I also own a photography business that keeps me busy and furthers my passion to create and learn from the endless new people my job allows me to meet.