2892 Miles to Go launched as a program supported by the National Geographic Society, with a mission to enact narrative change for place-based education programs within classrooms and communities led by community leaders themselves.

There are 2892 miles across the continental United States. Each of these miles symbolizes stories of the relationship between people and land that have been mistold, misrepresented, or omitted. 2892 Miles to Go is a social justice education program centered on amplifying local community stories about justice, race, and equity that are often left out of common narratives of human history. 2892 Miles to Go aims to rebalance the imbalance of the kinds of stories and histories that have been available across the education landscape in order to shift the learning experiences of the young people who will inherit this land.

2892 Miles to Go reached out seeking support to communicate their mission and story to funders and needing help finding funding opportunities that align with their work.

Presence & Company developed a portfolio of branded fundraising tools that each worked together to build a strong narrative and show impact of 2892 Miles to Go’s programming. 

Case for Support

Case for Support: A case for support is a communication tool that tells the story of your organization, sharing emotional stories while also explaining exactly how you serve your mission.

Brochure: After developing the case for support, we wanted to design a tri-fold brochure that provided an abbreviated explanation of the organization’s mission, programming, and needs. 

Letterhead: We developed a beautifully branded letterhead to be used for funding requests and other development needs. 

With the fundraising tools provided, 2892 Miles to Go has been able to identify and apply for a number of new funding opportunities, as well as to build their donor community through a strong organizational story.