Launching a successful fundraising campaign requires a lot of effort. From brainstorming concepts to deciding on a final strategy, and then building all the pieces – appeal content, print designs, digital designs, landing pages, social media posts … the list continues. 

When you and your team have put a lot of time, energy, heart and soul into crafting a fundraising campaign that will resonate with donors yet help you stand out from the noise – how can you maximize its impact? 

We have a great list of creative ways to ask more people such as your board members, volunteers and other individuals to get involved in sharing the great work you do while adding to the wonderful message of impact you’re ready to share. 

6 Ways to get more involvement for fundraising success during the 2022 holiday giving season.

  1. Get your board members involved! Hearing from the board offers greater insight to your followers in answering the question: Why support >>enter name<< organization? Ask board members to record a short 10-20 second video about why they support your program, their favorite thing about the nonprofit, a most memorable moment in 2022 – and so forth. This short video will make a world of a difference telling your story.
  2. Showcase volunteers and their impact. Ask volunteers if they would share a story about why they dedicate their time, and share a picture of them in action. Use this on social media, your blog, newsletter and so forth. Similar to profiling board members, when people hear from others already involved in your organization their understanding of the impact they can have with a donation evolves – making them more likely to give.
  3. Show up on #GivingTuesday (November 29). Your organization should be active by sharing, reacting, and commenting on our social media content and elsewhere – be a part of the noise actively to ensure you’re not missed!​​​​​​​​
  4. Start a Facebook Fundraiser. This can be a gentler way to ask people who regularly show up in your personal Facebook feed to participate in your end of year fundraising. Since these fundraisers are a part of the platform, it feels natural to participate. Plus, its easy to donate when its all in one spot, and since the donations show up as their earned – you gain social proof to get more donors, too.
  5. Ask people you know to simply share your message. Send an email to your networks explaining your involvement and asking them whether they could simply share your cause with their networks. Include a picture and pre-crafted text to make it easy to pass along. 
  6. Ask for monthly donors as part of your campaign. Starting from #GivingTuesday through the end of the year is a busy charitable giving time. When you are able to get in front of a donor during this time of year, a simple option to sign up as a monthly donor may turn into more regular donor conversions without the need for a separate campaign later on to convert a whole bunch of previous donors into monthlies. This can be as simply as setting your donation page to showcase the monthly option, to including a line about the impact of monthly giving in your appeal.

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