Looking for a great cause to donate to this Giving Season? I’ve compiled a list below of a some wonderful nonprofits with a wide range of causes. The diversity means it’s likely that, with a quick dive through this list, you will find something that aligns with your interests.

In all honesty, I am a bit biased in creating this list – showing off all the wonderful nonprofits we work with. Our Presence&Company team has likely played at least a small role in each campaign. Even with that said, our role hardly compares to the amazing efforts, passion and hard work each team member at the nonprofit puts into their programming each day.

b-present foundation

b-present‘s mission is to improve the quality of life and health outcomes of young adults with cancer through programs that promote and strengthen connections between young adults and their communities of support. In fulfilling this mission, b-present envisions a world where every young adult diagnosed with cancer feels connected and supported throughout treatment and beyond.

b-present on #GivingTuesday

At b-present has a goal to give 100 newly diagnosed cancer patients and their supporters a b-there for YA Support Kit (coming in 2023). This kit will include a Supporter Roadmap, access to its digital resource suite, practical tools, and comfort items to help patients get off to a good start and stay connected.

Learn more about their campaign here.

California Greenworks

California Greenworks‘ mission is to improve the quality of life in urban communities in Southern California through environmental education, urban revitalization, and green economics advocacy. It’s projects focus on:

  • Sustainable, community-based restoration to eliminate urban blight and promote green space development.
  • Innovative, modern and actionable green education and curriculum.
  • Advocacy for green job creation and economic development.

California Greenworks on #GivingTuesday

The Golden State’s climate is changing at a faster rate than scientists expected. In the past year California has experienced: catastrophic wildfires, extreme heat and a multiyear dry spell – just two years after the most extreme recorded drought to date. While the state has often led the effort to combat climate change in the past, more must be done.

At the recent California Climate Policy Summit, an emphasis was placed on the importance of bringing equality to climate change efforts as much of the pollutant problems are concentrated in low-income communities and communities of color.

Something as simple as planting a tree can have a dramatic impact on climate change. Trees play an essential role in reducing greenhouse gasses and Urban Heat Island effect, as well as beautifying neighborhoods and providing habitat.

California Greenworks goal today is to raise $6,000 to plant and maintain 20 NEW trees in the South Los Angeles area in 2023.

Learn more about their campaign here.

Jake’s Network of Hope

Jake’s Network of Hope envisions a world where every individual feels worthy. The nonprofit distributes hygiene products and essential daily living items to people of all ages. Through a network of partners, the program meets various human needs: basic, emotional, social and educational. The goal is to give every person a step up toward living healthy, feeling safe and experiencing self-worth so that individuals and communities thrive.

Jake’s on #GivingTuesday

In Wisconsin, 1 in 3 families experience diaper need. Diapers are among basic needs items that cause financial strain for these families. Size 6 diapers and 4T/5T pull ups are always in demand but harder to stock in our warehouse. Donations will boost the supply size 6 diapers and 4T/5T pull ups in Jake’s warehouse to provide for families throughout the holiday season.

Learn more about the campaign here.

Northmen Den Youth Services

Northmen Den Youth Services nourishes its neediest students by providing food, tutoring, and mentoring in a manner that respects dignity and individuality, while sustaining dreams. The nonprofit operates school-based pantries in regional middle and high schools, as well as offers free tutoring at its downtown office.

Northmen Den on #GivingTuesday

Northmen Den introduced Mr. & Mrs. Phill A Bagg, who are focused on filling bags of food for the hungriest students in the county it serves. Here’s a story from this couple:

Mr. & Mrs. Phill A Bagg’s son Sam went to a friend’s house for a sleepover. The next morning, Sam texted Mrs. Bagg, “MOM – BRING FOOD.”
Mrs. Bagg texted Sam back, “Bring food?”
Mrs. Bagg. “What???”
Sam: “Only one cold medium pizza last night. THERE’S NO FOOD! NO BEDS.”
Mrs. Bagg: “I’ll come and get you!”
Sam: “No, he’s my friend. Could you just drop off a duffle bag with food?”
So, Mrs. Bagg did.

When Sam got home, he explained he had never been in such a home. It was dark and the parents were not to be seen. All they did was play video games. So, he asked his Mom and Dad if he could have Alex come and have dinner with them a few times a week and have him stay over the weekend sometimes. Mr. & Mrs. Phill A Bag agreed and was proud of their son to be so kind to a friend in need.

Mr. & Mrs. Phill A Bagg are passionate about feeding our most hungry students and they need YOUR HELP in order to have enough food to ensure no students are home hungry over the holidays.

Northmen Den’s goal today is to raise $5,000 to provide our Emmet County students who deal with HUNGER enough food to help during the upcoming holiday break at home.

Positive Every Day Cancer Foundation

Positive Every Day Cancer Foundation’s mission is to enable Wisconsin pediatric cancer families to spend meaningful time together, with services including ready-made meals & family fun. The nonprofit serves families from the point of diagnosis through treatment, and provides monthly delivers of meal kits or grocery gift cards, as well as periodic family activities.

Positive Every Day on #GivingTuesday

PED’s family meal kits help Wisconsin families with a child battling cancer to spend meaningful time together. Think about how much energy is spent feeding your family – and then add a cancer diagnosis to the mix. It is overwhelming.

Many families are either spending months on end split apart, some of the family at the hospital with the diagnosed child and others left at home. When the child is strong enough for outpatient, there are still many trips to and from the hospital, long days away and exhausting days at home.

The nonprofit changes this in providing home made meal kits and grocery gift cards that alleviate time and financial burdens. PED is currently serving 11 families, and each family costs about $100 per month, including groceries, gas, shipping and other miscellaneous expenses.

Please consider a gift this holiday season to provide groceries and meal kits for one month to the families we serve. The goal is to raise $1,100 to support this program during December.

Learn more about the campaign here.

Shelter in the Storm

Shelter in the Storm is a new 501c3 non-profit committed to serving at-risk youth, creating a safe environment to address teen’s immediate needs and investing in their long-term development. We offer services to support youth’s mental health, dating health, life skills training and social connectedness.

Shelter in the Storm on #GivingTuesday

Youth in Brown County, WI, face many challenges, including: drug use, educational difficulties, domestic violence, teen pregnancy and lack of support for mental health issues. More troubling still, nearly half of students (47%) report they suffer significant anxiety problems. These numbers are higher among females with 61% of females compared to 34% of males suffering from anxiety and depression.

Teens, especially now, are consistently thrown curve balls that they aren’t prepared or equipped to handle. We need to do something that by providing stronger community and mental health support, we can have a lasting impact on teens’ overall well-being.

“Shelter in the Storm offers the much needed support for teenagers, additional teachings that many teens don’t have access to, and a place to feel at home and be themselves without expectation.” – Amanda, Shelter in the Storm

Shelter in the Storm asks the community to join them in supporting local youth. Its programming is currently serving youth inside Green Bay School District high schools, and the main priority is to increase its time and services available for these kids. Donations this holiday season is directly impacting kids in your backyard. It takes a village to raise a child – we are truly in this together.

Learn more about supporting Shelter in the Storm here.

Smile a While Foundation

Smile A While Foundation believes every disabled child in the Caribbean can have a bright future when given the support they need. Its vision is that every special needs child in the Caribbean lead a fulfilling life, and its mission is to provide therapy services to disabled children in areas where access to such support is not widely available.

Smile a While Foundation on #GivingTuesday

Smile a While is launching a Splinting Clinic is set to open in early 2023. These custom splints and bracing supports fit each child in a way that provides range of motion and enhanced movements while decreasing pain and discomfort for each individual. All splints and bracing will be provided at no costs to children and their families.

Smile a While’s goal is to raise $5,000 to fund the supplies and one-on-one sessions to fit 50 children with the appropriate splints they need to rehab and heal.

  • $30: Pay for supplies needed for one splint on a child
  • $75: Pay for a one-on-one sessions to properly fit and place one child’s splint

Learn more about this campaign here.