Nisria is a community based organization in Gilgil, Kenya, creating a safe haven for vulnerable children and women. The organization’s mission is to provide vulnerable communities, especially children, with a safe space to heal and therefore prosper.

As the organization grew and developed a number of life-changing programs for children and families in Kenya, their online presence was not telling the same story as their daily program work was telling. Nisria solicited Presence & Company to update and reorganize their website content, strategize their social media presence, and to utilize email marketing to better show the full scope of the life-changing work they were doing. 

Presence & Company reorganized and wrote nisria’s website content to allow site visitors to easily navigate their website and to gain a better understanding of who and what nisria is. Presence & Company also strategized and reworked how the organization was using social media and email marketing in order to build awareness and to build engaged donors. 

Take a look at their website and social media

Since launching their updated website, email marketing, and revamped social media – nisria is sharing their story with an aligned message and voice to the impactful work they are not day in and out.