Find Comfort In Whatever is Holding You Back

Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle

Find the courage to live into your purpose, unapologetically. I walked passed a momma duck also walking along a fence with her ducklings behind her. We walked down the same path: road — grass — sidewalk — fence. I, on the sidewalk, blocked her and the…

I Hand Dug a Backyard Beach to Slow Down


Quiet the noise and focus on driving your business purposefully. Have you had that experience where you just literally can’t think? Your brain is on overload and for a moment you wonder if you’re actually hearing error buzzers, seeing a…

What Grows in Your Life Garden


This is among my favorite time of year, not simply because sunshine and hot weather keep me happy but also because it’s that time when things in our garden start turning. Ripe. Tomatoes by bunches! We planted 15 (!) tomato…