This is among my favorite time of year, not simply because sunshine and hot weather keep me happy but also because it’s that time when things in our garden start turning. Ripe.

Tomatoes by bunches!

We planted 15 (!) tomato plants this year in our backyard garden. While the crop started out a little shaky (not enough rain, and we didn’t put in the extra effort to nurture with hose water), the recent downpours have finally propelled plant growth.

For example, our bean plants have outgrown their 6ish foot trellis and are currently circling toward each other, reaching for the sky.

Now that I am a mom, I also love this time of year because of my daughter’s obsession with fresh garden tomatoes. Seriously, of the 30 or so ripe tomatoes I’ve pulled off the plant thus far, I’ve eaten about four.

She has eaten all. the. rest. While I love ripe tomatoes straight off the vine, I love it more that she is eating so much of this homegrown goodness.

It’s among the most important things we can do, consider what we put into our bodies. Even store bought tomatoes aren’t going to bring the same nurturing qualities – who knows how many chemicals and other industrial-what-have-you has drained the fruit (vegetable? HA!) of its health.

That’s why we garden. We garden for our health. We garden for quality of life. It’s worth the effort to us, because it provides a fulfilling output.

Anytime in life, we have to consider efforts are worth the subsequent output. If there is something you’re chasing in life: a dream you want to achieve, a business goal to accomplish … heck, a vacation you want to take – what can you start putting in to make sure it comes out?

Think of this idea as if making the decision to plant your seeds every spring. Which seeds do you choose, and how are you going to nurture them? It’s time to let your life garden grow.