How to Secure More Large Gifts from Donors


As the saying goes, every dollar counts. Even still, your nonprofit organization is not going to reach a comfortable level of sustainability and growth without large gifts from individual and corporate donors. Securing dollars like this is part of a…

3 Ways to Fuse Personal Brand into Business


The most successful brands build relationships with their customers. Truth be told, the brand isn’t really in the relationship — it’s the people behind it, who’ve made their brand human. People do business with people, after all. In working to morph…

Value of Clarity + Knowing Your Why


As an author and creative writer, I find myself often exploring definitions of the words I chose in my writing – whether marketing content, blogs like this, articles, fiction or what have you. If not for its size, I would…

Purpose Driven Brands Drive Growth


You have a big heart but confusion sets in about using that compassion to drive your business success. It feels too fluffy / woo-woo / voodoo. You might think: How will I change the world’s problems? Who am I to…

What Tugs at your Heart Strings?


Do you wake up every day and know where you’re going? I mean, you know certain things that you need to do. You know certain meetings on your calendar, specific errands you need to run, work projects or deadlines to…

Your Brand is Human


Various perceptions exist about the definitions of branding, probably in the same way that various perceptions of your company can exist when you don’t take control of your brand purpose and messaging. What do I mean? Many companies default the…

SMR Security

Portfolio, Website Copy

SMR Security is a startup company offering security management services. The owner has a strong background in the industry, and a unique story to share. I wrote SMR Security’s website content and especially enjoyed crafting content for its About page….


Portfolio, Website Copy

Maldonado is a landscape and design company in Texas that was going through a website redesign and needed fresh content to match. I interviewed key founding members of the organization to understand its story, history and services and portray that…