So, you’re the Executive Director of a nonprofit. Or, you’ve recently joined a nonprofit board and are hoping to make a difference. Maybe you’ve been helping out for a while, and your nonprofit fundraising goals continue unmet.

Let me ask you this: if you really think about it, are you actually sharing your nonprofit’s story?

Think about it. You’re inside the nonprofit, you’re seeing its impact on a regular basis. You know about Jane Doe who benefitted from your scholarship program and you’ve seen how the Jones family is doing so much better now that your organization was able to help out.

But, do other people know about this?

Sure, maybe you told your mom. Or your husband. Or your dog. 

But what about your donors?

Real stories about the people who are impacted by your cause need to be captured in writing. Your nonprofit should coordinate interviews with those who:

  1. Benefit from your purpose.
  2. Support your cause (volunteers!)
  3. Suffer because of the problem you’d love to eradicate.

When a previous or potential donor reads emotionally driven stories based on these interviews, they’ll be compelled to continue supporting your cause. Capturing the day-to-day of what’s happening inside your nonprofit is essential to keeping its heart beating.

Nonprofit Fundraising Story-Telling Tips

It’s not easy to get these stories in writing, so if you’re looking for a quick fix try some of the following:

  1. Ask anyone who falls into the categories above to leave a testimonial on your Facebook page or other digital asset to capture their original words and showcase your nonprofit’s impact.
  2. Write it down in your words: as someone who’s been involved with improving individuals’ lives, you can certainly tell others how you’ve seen the improvements.
  3. Share these testimonials or insider accounts through e-mail marketing or print materials.