Steel MTN Marketing

Branding, Portfolio, Website Copy

Steel Mountain Marketing is a digital marketing agency that transitioned to focus on serving the manufacturing niche, and so they rebranded from Clever Dog Creative. The agency wanted a brand that felt strong and masculine. I worked with Steel Mountain…

Snowdrop Foundation

Case for Support, Nonprofit, Portfolio

The Snowdrop Foundation WI is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to pediatric cancer survivors as well as funds cancer research. This is the first organization I volunteered to write for after my nephew’s cancer diagnosis; they stepped up to…

Start With an Idea – Then What?


There’s an idea that excites you. It comes to mind now and again, and you can’t help but ponder the possibility. Could this ever be real? Maybe it’s an idea you’re already living – but it doesn’t feel full yet….

July 25: Brand Blueprint Workshop


Connective Collective is a community for business leaders and entreprenuers with a growth mindset. We host regular workshops centered around topics to help your organization thrive within its purpose and serve the customers most pertinent to what you do. BRAND…

Don’t Get Stuck Doing This


Think about the last time you felt stuck – whether in a professional or a personal goal. There’s something you want right at the tip of your fingers, yet it’s so hard to grasp it just stays right there ……

To the Client Who Drains Energy


Don’t lie, at some point you’ve popped off the phone after chatting with a customer and thought: “How annoying, ugh. I don’t have the time to deal with this, this customer is hardly worth the energy.” You’re probably right, too…