Inside Out Mentorship Program was formed out of the pandemic in 2020. Many of our minority students, unfortunately, were impacted by two pandemics – that of a virus and that of social injustice. Both made a huge impact on their education. This program was created to provide guidance and recovery as students return to schools having gone through a challenging series of events. We focus on providing tutoring services in Math and Reading while also coaching/mentoring students as they navigate life after a pandemic.

Inside Out Mentoring Program exists to provide mentorship and tutoring services to young adults aged 14 to 19. Through our holistic approach, we aim to improve academic performance while addressing social-emotional factors that hinder students from becoming independent and successful adults, living purposeful and rewarding lives.

Inside Out Mentorship Program reached out to Presence & Company Set to help them set the stage to show people the “why” behind what you do. 

Presence & Company worked with Inside Out Mentorship Program to establish a winning, story-filled fundraising strategy, and to create a case for support as a foundational piece to assist in their evolving story. 

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Case for Support