When it comes to talking to your donors about your organization, you’re likely full of stories and examples that showcase your impact and explain your cause.

When another member of your staff or board talks about the organization — I’m certain they’re full of great stories that help explain your cause, too.

But — are you certain you’re explaining your impact in the same way?

Think of it this way: if you did a survey of your donors, would they all be able to offer a relatively consistent answer about what you do?

It’s important that “outsiders” have a clear and consistent vision about your organization in order to fuel their passion to continue supporting your cause. A Case for Support is a great way to lay the foundation for clear, consistent messaging from any support seeking donations your behalf.

What is a Case for Support?

  • It’s a document written with the audience in mind: donors, corporate partners, etc.
  • It explains your organization’s goals & impact.
  • It shows donors the ongoing need, and the specific impact their contribution will make.

A Case for Support is essentially the bible for your nonprofit. Simply put, it explains your organization’s history, mission and community impact so existing and potential donors understand the cause they are supporting.