The mud is wet. It sucks my feet in, with each step a squish and a deeper plunge. The trail ahead holds many curves with more undesirable puddles of muck, hills to climb where the ground is slipping away and other unknown sources of discomfort.

Just when you think the finish line is there, you realize its several more turns away.

This isn’t a place of defeat, however. This is a place of victory. This strenuous effort raises awareness and dollars for children in the fight against cancer.

And while I am talking about a real event with a specific purpose, this story is relatable in more areas of life: We all know the ups and downs, the hills and the curves, the feelings of defeat.

As business leaders and entrepreneurs, we’ve experienced those ultimate highs and lows. If you disagree, I wonder whether you’ve truly taken the risk your business deserves? From risk comes the many lessons available to grow in your business, and to grow as a professional.

I enter every day with my purpose in mind. I refer to it as my Soul Mission. Here it is, in full transparency:

Imagination is central to my life. I find the purest joy in taking something ordinary and extracting its extravagance. Like finding the magic ingredient of a recipe. With this as my foundation, I am to inspire purpose and a good life for brands and brains.

This is an everyday mantra that, for me, drives me around the curves and unknowns of business with confidence in my direction. The purpose behind my business empowers me to be me. It motivates me to explore the ways that I can achieve my purpose – to inspire others in their individual purpose – both with my business and in my personal life.

My company is built on the foundation that we can enact change around the world by first creating that for our clients, uncovering potential and propelling business leaders and entrepreneurs to success.

The service I provide, creating brand identity and strategy, allows me to bring this personal voice to life for other business leaders and entrepreneurs. Leading a company to success is done with more grace when that mission is purpose-driven, when the leaders and individuals within the company understand the why, and when the brand feels in sync with those behind it – and vice versa.

If you know you’re ready to do something bigger with life and business, join our community &Company where we offer every day inspiration to thriving business owners. When you know your why, running through mud puddles doesn’t feel so daunting.

P.S. That mud race is coming up this weekend (May 12, 2018) and is held in Wisconsin every May. Check out more about the race and the organization here: (Snowdrop WI – Apple Creek 50K)).