As an author and creative writer, I find myself often exploring definitions of the words I chose in my writing – whether marketing content, blogs like this, articles, fiction or what have you. If not for its size, I would probably carry a dictionary at the ready (Thankfully, modern technology gave me a smartphone and Google).

There are a lot of words we use interchangeably, but when you explore these definitions many words offer just the slightest variation in meaning to the situation’s context. This ability to adjust an environment with the power of a single word energizes me, and I feel an explosive success when I find a word that fits just right.

That’s because taking time to understand different definitions means I’ve sought out the clarity needed to explain a scenario, situation, business, brand, cause, identity – the list goes on. This is something I do regularly with business and nonprofit clients as well as in my creative writing.

A client recently told me, in sum: I’ve always known what I do, but gaining more clarity on what that really is provides my daily focus.

Most people have an idea about what they do, but they operate with a generic definition – or perhaps use a word that creates an inadequate twist because of its definition.

The power of clarity can actually be found in it’s own definition:

>>> clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.

Freedom from ambiguity — for many of my clients, this is a big win.

Why? Let’s explore the definition of ambiguous:

>>> of doubtful or uncertain nature

Does this sound like a way you want to operate your business? Unsure of its future – and therefore, your own? Unsure what you’re actually providing to your clients, and therefore whether you’re even making a difference?

Clarity segues into our ability to focus, defined as:

>>> a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity.

Another way I enjoy exploring word usage is in synonyms, and this focus is a perfect opportunity for this exercise:

>>> center, heart, core, nucleus.

In essence, the value of clarity is that it allows the heart of your business to service and guide your everyday.

True clarity is worth as much as your every day alive: it’s the price you’d pay to thrive every day and genuinely achieve your good life – whatever your definition.

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