My family and I recently took a roadtrip to Florida from Wisconsin, about 1,400 miles one way. This meant for lots of time in the car keeping our minds entertained, busy and distracted from the long drive.

At several points my nearly 4-year-old daughter turned to the clouds for entertainment:

“I see a dinosaur,” she’d say about one formation, or “do you see the duck in the sky?”

It came out of the blue (pun intended) that she invited us to join her in this game, and away the imaginations went.

This is also what I enjoy about latte art — my cup of coffee is canvas like the sky, the steamed milk my tool for creation. The difference in my coffee cup is I have a bit more control of the outcome – though that certainly is not always the case! Sometimes the art that appears in my morning mug requires interpretation the same way as the clouds in the sky.

These are little, random moments of creativity — but I think we sometimes forget how important and big these are to our lives. Some of our best ideas come out of allowing downtime, space for rest, relaxation and inspiration.

If you are struggling with a roadblock of any sort, the best results might come from leaving it a alone for a bit. Walk away, stare at the clouds or order a latte and wonder about the design in your cup. Bust out a paint brush, if you’re so inclined, or sit and simply listen to the trees sway in the breeze.

Do something to slow down, because that rest period is the best way to speed back up.

Is it time for you to slow down and take a creative look at the way you talk about your business?

The process is simple, get started on creating clarity in your message to experience simplicity in sales + marketing today.