The Good Challenge offers like minded individuals wanting more collaboration and connection with others a tool for sharing 21 small acts of kindness.

There are more people like you than its sometimes feels is true.

Sometimes, it feels lonely to care about others and long for change in the world. 

Especially in a society where the culture seems to have diluted itself to a dog-eats-dog, to-each-his-own, good luck and good riddance sentiment. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has surfaced many of these people, I notice an abundance of people who do good, who believe we all deserve something from each other and that we can together lift ourselves to a better place.

There are more people willing to do good for others than we can all see. This Good Challenge offers ideas for small acts of kindness to help us actively create more positive change.

If you want to join in this positive wave, download The Good Challenge calendar below – print it and pin it wherever it makes most sense for you – and follow along for the next 21 days of doing good. 

Doing good helps you, too.

Plenty of research exists about the positive impact helping others can have on your mental health. Strong mental health also creates positive impacts on your physical health. And all these things make you more able to continue to spread positive to others in need.

This ripple effect is something I strongly believe in. I believe every small act of kindness can create a positive change in the world that turns around and creates more positive. 

For the many of us that start here, we will likely never know the far reaching impact of our small positives shared over the next 21 days. But, what we do know is the only thing it is doing is sharing good.

The Good Challenge

Below is a 21 calendar listing small acts of kindness each day. If something doesn’t fully fit with your circumstances, modify the goodness to a level that fits what you are able to achieve.