While closures continue in the wake of COVID-19, the health conflict we face is now fueled with political divisiveness and economic turmoil. Many people share different opinions about exactly how to safely manage the epidemic while safely managing the impact to Wisconsin business.

While those disagreements continue, I wonder whether we can all agree: we don’t want small businesses to suffer. 

If that’s the case, and if you are financially able, would you consider spending some of your #SaferAtHome free time “shopping” local? 

I’ve put together this list of businesses in the area broken by category offering online and no-contact sales. If you’re looking for restaurants and take-out options, Fox Cities Magazine published a nice list and you can also check Eat Street – or, honestly, I just recommend calling the restaurant you want to support and asking.

I did my best to research online and find a comprehensive listing of businesses in the below categories. I will continue to research and add to this on an ongoing basis. If you know of a business that is open, I am happy to add them – just email me at [email protected]

Arts + Crafts

Fitness, Wellness + Recreation


Retail Therapy