How to use Amazon to research, brainstorm and uncover hidden gems that will make your rebranding feel wonderful.

Running in circles lately? Thoughts like …

“I just can’t decide which way to go. Or what to do.”

“I know I want to do some >>insert work you enjoy.<<

“And, I know >>insert thing<< is my passion.

“Plus, I know I can help >>insert type of people.<<

This conundrum is causing you to stall, unable to launch things the way you want in the storm of indecisiveness.

No worries, I’ve got ideas for you.

When you’re at a crossroads with your business, it can be overwhelming to figure out the next step. Today, I want to give you one quick way to take action and make decisions.

Use Amazon.

Sure, it’s a place to find a wide range of products from household goods to toys, books, food and more. This also means its a gold mine for research and inspiration to make decisions on which way to rebrand and how to talk about it.

Amazon can help you research a niche.

As a service-based entrepreneur, you’re probably wondering how looking at product details on Amazon will help. Well, we’re actually going to focus on one particular category: books. Let’s leverage information in the books area to understand the type of information in high demand and related to your industry.

Let’s actually start by looking at the bestsellers lists. Go to and on the lefthand side where it says “departments” click “books.” Now, you can further dissect categories into areas your business serves. For example, a life coach may peruse self help books, travel agents simply travel or business service providers (like me) simply business and money.

This is the first place you can start to gain some insights and ideas.

For example, Travel. Take a look at the top 10 or so below.

What I see are a few books about travel specific to the United States, with special emphasis on outdoor ideas and road trips. Also, I notice two books that essentially offer places to visit “destinations of a lifetime” and “bucket list.”

If you’ve been wondering whether you could create a travel agency specific for road trips across the United States, this may be proof for your pudding. Click the books and review the table of contents. These chapter headings can give you ideas for: inspiring your niche market; inspiring your brand identity; content that will be relevant to your audience.

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And otherwise, we can take our research a bit further.

Specific to travel, you can continue to breakdown the categories geographically in order to do more research on the topics in the areas you might already hold authority as an agent, or in areas where you want to grow your reach.

And, let’s look at another example here. If you’re a business service provider, we would have started with the “Business + Money” category. Once here, things are going to be pretty generic again. So, what kind of service do you provide?

Are you an accountant? Research Accounting, Economics, Finance and Taxation categories. Interested in focusing on a particular type of business? There’s Women and Business as well as Small Business categories. Another interesting place to look is the “Skills” category within the Business & Money category, to understand the areas business professionals are working to improve themselves.

You can also keep clicking on subcategories until you can’t click on subcategories any more – to take a deep dive exploration to narrow a niche.

As you find topics you are particularly interested in pursuing, you can also click on author profiles to gain insight into what the people already doing work in your potential niche are also interested in, writing about and doing This could take you offline as you research the author deeper, the company they work for or own, and so forth. This is essentially a bit of competitor research as it relates to your rebrand.

Search outside of popularity

You can and should also gain insight this way by searching book titles relevant to your interests in your industry. For example, perhaps you were interested in positioning yourself as a Travel agent for newlyweds.

Within the “Books” department, search “newlywed travel,” and peruse the topics available, going into the books and checking out table of contents, reviewing other suggested and related items and so forth.