Do you wake up every day and know where you’re going?

I mean, you know certain things that you need to do. You know certain meetings on your calendar, specific errands you need to run, work projects or deadlines to meet.

But, do you know where the things you are doing today are going to take you?

Do you know where you’re going?

If not, you likely wake up many days with a lack of enthusiasm for the things you need to do, on your calendar, your errands, work projects and deadlines. It’s mundane, repetitive and useless.

When you know your purpose, the opposite can become true: everyday can hold something exciting, unique and purposeful. Each and every day, we can experience clarity, thrive authentically and enjoy serenity.

This starts with a lot of self awareness. You certainly cannot draw a map for your life without first understanding the terrain.

I could go on and on all day providing insights and inspiration on uncovering your purpose – after all – this, I’ve learned, is my own purpose. I do this constantly with business leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals (and felt so inspired to write my book on the topic, too).

Uncovering your purpose, clearly creating this map and understanding the essence of you is a process. It takes time. But if you want to take baby step today, then I encourage you to start with a simply complex question – and sharing your answer. Revealing your dreams to others is a big step in overcoming fears / hurdles that keep us from achieving what we want in life and business.

So, here’s the Challenge Question.

Please – comment with your answer. Don’t be shy! Banish embarrassment, don’t worry about judgement – feel empowered to be real, to be you.

What is something that you would love to do, but feel afraid / self-conscious / worried about doing it? You might worry about saying out loud because of how it will be received, or because if you fail then you’ll feel shame. Doesn’t matter. Don’t worry. You want to do it? Then say it.

Take that first step and share it today.

Cheers! – Lyssa