Frozen. On a mattress on the hospital room floor, I sat staring at my just days old daughter hoping that, born 27 days early, she’d be perfectly healthy. She wasn’t my only worry.

My sister was on the phone, and I hear her pass it to my father. “She hasn’t talked to Elizabeth yet.” Then, my dad on the line:

“Raiden has cancer.”

And my world spins. Raiden, my 3-year-old nephew, diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. And over the next years as I watched him battle through treatment, while my daughter grew and I ached for their relationship – the fragility of life became so overwhelmingly obvious.

This personal story is a giant part of my growing brand to help service based, lifestyle entrepreneurs tell their story with purpose-drive brand strategy. I started a deep dive into my own purpose, redeveloped my brand purpose – and now I help others do the same.

Here’s the deal: when we communicate what we do and why, we have a better chance of reaching success – whatever our definition. Understanding the foundation of your business is vital to communicating these essential pieces of your brand.

Not everyone is going to start their brand with a pivot moment story, like mine. But, every brand was started by a human and every human experiences certain things that, whether you say so or not, are part of why your brand developed. When we create a solid brand strategy, we connect the dots between these human elements and the foundation of your business.

We create a brand that is human, and that’s how we tell a brand story.

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