The Struggle to Market is a Struggle to Tell Your Brand Story.

“I realized I was telling a negative story about my brand.”

This is a confession from a previous client, explaining in part why he decided to jump into creating a proactive brand story with our team.

He was onboarding some new team members, and found himself weaving this tale about his company that even he felt didn’t sound so attractive.


As an entrepreneur, have you struggled to explain what exactly it is you do? Whether talking to friends, family, new employees or clients – there are essential pieces about your work that make it extra clear how you serve and why.

But, do you share these?

Do you know what they are?

If you sit in front of your computer and wonder …

  • What to post on social media?
  • What to send in this e-mail?
  • Which words to include on a brochure?
  • How to reply to this sales inquiry?

You’re struggle isn’t really with marketing — the difficulty is in defining your brand story. When you clearly define things like a mission statement, brand offer statements, differentiator or value proposition statements … you can easily and effectively, time and again, know the types of messages you’re sending in the above scenarios.

How much time would it save you as an entrepreneur not to ponder these things over, over … and over? Right.

Quick tips for defining your brand story:

Spend time reflecting on your brand: It’s important to set aside specific time where you can unravel what it is about your company that needs to be said. Do this when you don’t have a need for a social media post / e-mail or a deadline for a brochure, etc. Do this when you can simply use the time to reflect on your brand story, and not in a rushed sense for a marketing campaign. Without this pressure, you’re free to creatively explore your brand and understand it’s true nature.

Think outside the box. If you’ve effectively created the space where you aren’t worried about the next marketing campaign, this may be happening naturally. Not every idea about your brand needs to feel directly business. Brands that people love feel human: they are full of emotion and character – and that requires outside the box thinking.

Consider a purpose-drive brand strategy. This is where you focus on purpose first within your company, and use this to drive your growth and success. We have a free workshop that talks more about this here: A Purposeful Plan to Define Your Brand + Success Story.

How would things be different if your brand started telling a clear, colorful brand story? Find out!

The process is simple, get started on creating clarity in your message to experience simplicity in sales + marketing today.