About Presence&Company

Our Vision

To Empower Fulfilling Lives and Positive Ripple Effects. 

Every action in life leads to another – a ripple effect. Our company is built on the foundation that we can enact change around the world by first creating that for our clients, uncovering potential and propelling purpose-driven entrepreneurs to success.

Our Value + Mission 

Presence&Company leverages communication to help people thrive professionally, personally and philanthropically. We do this through key stories and messages that drive the focus and success of each organization. Our customers genuinely care about others, have a deep desire to leave a friendly footprint and aspire to grow a purposeful organization and lifestyle. Our work together paves the path for positive impact. Like a series of dominoes – one at a time – we create a ripple effect via every organization we serve.

Presence&Company is the friend who always sees the bright side. We are approachable, quirky and believe in empowering others and celebrating the little things along the way. Our every action is genuine in our conscientious passion to do good work. We have a desire to create and empower positive ripple effects, true to our endearing good nature. We promise you can trust us, every time.

We are …

   Amiable      Sincere       Diligent      Generous      Gentle      Reliable   

I’m your go-to gal for professional and persuasive story-telling skills to boost your organization’s sales + marketing strategy. I want you to fall in love with the way I write your story, and I want your customers, donors + supporters to fall head-over-heels with your brand. I aim to be a trustworthy, effective and valuable support system for your organization, and here’s why … 

Frozen. On a mattress, on a hospital room floor, I sat staring at my then just days old daughter, born 4 weeks early. I hoped desperately that this premature life would be perfectly healthy, while worrying about trouble looming elsewhere in my family. Two days later, my 3-year-old nephew was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Cancer.

In that moment, the fragility of life grew so obvious. I felt something was out of alignment, but struggled to find the courage to understand why. I remember as a little girl spending hours creating novels, etching adventures page after page into piles of notebooks. As I grew up, this passion led me to pursue a degree in journalism. Then, I worked at a variety of newspapers – freelance and full-time, traditional and online.

At the time, I owner a digital marketing firm, but I wasn’t creating any of the copy for our clients. I had stopped writing.

After my daughter was born and my nephew diagnosed, I created a regular routine of writing again. I connected with a pediatric cancer nonprofit and volunteered to help the organization better write its story. I started freelance gigs, with one nonprofit after another. Story after inspiring story came to the surface.

I went on like that for a few years, by day feeling stuck as the owner of a digital marketing firm not aligned with my dreams, and by night pursuing my passion to tell impactful stories. In 2018, I launched Presence&Company Creative Agency and soon after I sold my marketing firm.

Now, I embrace my own purpose: to make a difference for organizations through my storytelling and writing talents. I truly want to make a difference for your organization, and compelling writing is my way to do that. I would love to learn more about your story, and look forward to sharing your purpose.

Our creative genius is rooted in a collaborative approach to serving our clients. We operate as a company of one, and partner with experts in communications, marketing and creative fields when it best serves your needs. Everyone we work with harbors a passion for doing good, creating a positive footprint and enjoying meaningful work.

Lyssa Schmidt

Lyssa Schmidt

Founder | Writer | Presence&Company

I am a purpose-driven entrepreneur with 15 years experience in communications, ranging from journalism and PR to marketing. I have a true passion for writing compelling stories, encouraging community around ideas and seeing others reach their potential.

Imagination is central to my life. I find true joy in taking the ordinary and extracting its extravagance. Like uncovering the magic ingredient of a recipe. With this as my foundation, I aim to inspire purpose for those I serve.

I am a creative mother + wife obsessed with my hand dug backyard beach and amateur latte art skills.

We believe purposeful presence is of utmost importance to a good life. When it comes to business, we find it important in a variety of ways:

Present: in the way we must strategize and create to present a story.

Presence: in the way that we are purposefully present and active in the work we do.

Presents: in the way we use our altruistic values through philanthropy & positive impact.

& Company isn’t just an add-on. This piece is important in the way we create client love & meaningful relationships – to keep us company and drive our impact. Sure, our clients give us money. Yours do, too. So does my mom. She wants to make a difference, she cares, it matters. We keep good company, and we thrive together.