Your brand is just one fish in the sea.

This likely isn’t news to your ears. As service-based entrepreneurs, we all know we have competition and there are a million reasons consumers choose to buy from our brand, or others, or never at all.

Consumers are covered in commitment phobias stemming from the inconsistent messages we create about what we do. These potential clients are lost and confused in a cloudy haze of uncertainty.

Consumers come to this state of commitment phobia because we leave so many important questions unanswered:

  • How are you going to actually solve my problem?
  • How can I trust your service will do that for me?
  • How can I be sure we’re a solid fit?

It’s our duty as brands to acknowledge that commitment phobia and help the consumers we can best serve recognize that we are someone they can trust.

Trust is defined as a belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of something. So in clearly defining our brand in a way that helps consumers over that commitment phobia, we need to prove how uphold this definition in a non confusing way.

So, here’s the test: is your brand causing commitment phobias? Leave your one-sentence pitch in the comments and I’d be happy to let you know whether your message seems clear or confusing.