Connective Collective is a community for business leaders and entreprenuers with a growth mindset. We host regular workshops centered around topics to help your organization thrive within its purpose and serve the customers most pertinent to what you do.

This workshop explores how to transform your brand from unknown in a consumers mind to a brand people adore. We will walk through concepts that help you understand:

– Best practices for getting your brand exposure
– Unique ways to connect with new consumers
– Building strong relationships with followers to create brand loyalty

This worskhop also explores the reason for purpose in business, and how to define this both on the individual and business level. Come prepared for candid conversation, we’ll plan to discuss and share openly about ourselves and our businesses to provide valuable tools for each attendee.

The candid conversations start before the workshop! After you register, we’ll follow up to schedule a time to chat more about your purpose and business, so we can come prepared with a special surprise for every participant.


Presence&Company Creative Agency
Align your organization in a unique way that resonates with you and your audience. At Presence&Company, we’ve handcrafted a collaborative approach to working directly with thought leaders at our client companies to develop a meaningful foundation. Our goal is to get to know your heart and soul, and through this create a comprehensive identity that starts with purpose ends with actionable strategy. The end result? A creative shift in the way your brand speaks to your audience to create a business that operates with purpose in a confident way.

Appleton Neighbors Magazine – Best Version Media
Connect with Appleton residents in a meaningful way through monthly publication that matters to its readers. Appleton Neighbors is dedicated to connecting residents through stories and with community resources, acting as a perfect platform for businesses to get themselves known.