Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do with a dream is let it be heard.

When was the last time you acknowledged a dream of your own? Said it out loud? Shared it with family or friends? Dare I say, went public and open with it on a place like this?


I recently learned about a job position that isn’t all too new, but also clearly not widely known or leveraged: Dream Manager.

Yes, it’s a job, a real position that some companies are using to shape the way their business can succeed. It was founded by owners of Jancoa, a janitorial company in Ohio, struggling to maintain regular balance of employees. The owners’ frustrations seemed to peak when dealing with a 400% annual turn over rate.

I’d imagine all they had time to do was search for people to hire! When you’re chasing a dream as an entrepreneur, managing a busy company, there are far more things that also need to be done.

In this quick video introducing the concept, the owner Tony Miller explains the epiphany they had as they started to develop the Dream Manager program. (VIDEO:

‘If we could impact our employees, what kind of relationship would that create for our employees?” he said. “If we could change their lives. Because it’s really about … if its a dead end – and there’s nowhere to go and there’s no hope for tomorrow … then why in the world would you want to come in? So, what we decided is, we need to give people hope and opportunity for the future.”

The Dream Manager program worked. In the video, owners note that Jancoa has not placed a Now Hiring ad in 5 years.


We all have dreams 💭 Some are big, some are small. When they are acknowledged, that is the FIRST step to feeling like it matters.

There is a book that elaborates the concept, “The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly. In opening chapters, the author explains:

“An organization can only become the best-version-of-itself to the extent that the people who drive that organization are becoming the best-version-of-themselves.”

Sharing in the dreams of the people who support your growth will only amplify that effect. This can start with simply listening! We don’t have to be the boss, manager or what have you to make this happen. There are many people who support any business or person in becoming the best-version-of-itself, and so to start we need to create a full circle where we support others in becoming the best versions of themselves.

I wish for more companies and business owners to realize this, implement this, and start treating us all like humans again. (We are all humans, right?) As entrepreneurs, we also have a powerful hand in this, and each little step we take can create change.

🌀🌀A ripple effect.🌀🌀

Don’t keep your dream a secret, share it in the comments and be heard!