Think about the last time you felt stuck – whether in a professional or a personal goal.

There’s something you want right at the tip of your fingers, yet it’s so hard to grasp it just stays right there … out of your reach. You come at the problem from different angles, random new ideas – but the goal is slippery and unattainable.

Sometimes, this is because we’re too focused on that end game.

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Don’t roll your eyes at me — whether overused or not, this statement applies here.

Transformation is a process, not a state of being. Life is about movement, not standing still at a finish line. And when we’re so focused on the end, we forget about the moments we’re living. When this happens, we’re less involved in the work we’re doing to reach that finish line.

Nobody ever finished a marathon simply by focusing on mile 26. You start by focusing on the first mile, then the second. Then step by step, you make it to mile 26. And along the way, you’ve adjusted your physical needs to cross that finish line.

As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we need to be active in our roles in order to move our business in the direction we desire. There isn’t an end game, there’s no finish line. There’s an experience we want our business and our clients to have, and we create that every day.

If you feel stuck in business, you are trying so hard to run mile 26 when you’re really only at mile 3. Take a breather, reset your focus and priorities. When you start with purpose, you are enabled to work with the people you love, doing what you love in a way that truly feels right.

Now that sounds like a journey, not an end game – right?

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