About five years ago, my husband and I started spending quite a bit more on food. It wasn’t because we were all of a sudden more hungry, but actually because we decided it’s important to really pay attention to exactly what we are consuming.

There is so much junk, chemicals, processing, disgusting animal treatment (I am not! A vegetarian) and so forth … and we grew very tired of putting this industry garbage in our bodies.

Now, there are still times when I grab a bag of cheetos or hit or opt for a cheap box of mac and cheese – but these are few and far between. Instead, on a more regular basis, we focus on produce, meat, whole wheats and meat or poultry that we can find where it came from.

This started with a commitment to buying cage free eggs, or eggs from local farms when possible. Then, we started the same with chicken. And we’ve slowly expanded in our healthy, socially conscious patterns this way.

Another great thing to do is actually read ingredients labels!

Does it start with sugar? Probably not worth ingesting (unless you really want a treat and you’ve earned it. That’s OK sometimes).
Does it have 800 ingredients you can’t pronounce? Ick.

The truth is, life is busy and it can be hard to always cook from scratch. So I grew more and more familiar with brands that were making conscious choices about how they create their ready-to-eat, convenient modern foods so that we’d continue to have that ease while also making more positive choices.

That’s why I love Full Circle brands so much. This is the company’s mission from their website:
Health and happiness. Doing our part by offering best-of-nature foods and eco-friendly items you can afford. That’s our mission.

And it’s true. Even though I talk about spending more on our food bill, I’ve always found Full Circle reliably affordable – helping to keep some of that investment into our health down.

The company also shares stories on Healthy Living on its blog, with “insights on being good to yourself and the world around you.”

That sounds like the ripple effect I want to make.

About Brands I Love
It’s a top priority for us at Presence&Company to leave a friendly footprint: positively impact the people we touch to enact positive change on the world, creating a shared sense of responsibility and enhance our collective experiences and connections.

This is why we support other brands with a socially conscious undertone. The Brands I Love series shines light on these companies in hopes of continually growing that ripple effect.