Brand Visual Identity

Brand Visual Identity Project

We want to create a visual identity that aligns with how you think, talk and feel about your brand. Our goal is to get to know your heart and soul, and through this create a comprehensive identity that your love.

We take a 5 phase approach to creating your visual identity, and can modify the depth of this approach based on your needs.

  1. Discovery Phase: We’ll take some time to get to know your brand and your business including getting a feel for the voice, tone, and personality your logo should portray. We’ll also take a look at any current or past visual design work.
  2. Concept Phase: We’ll present 3 concepts to choose from for the logo. This phase will typically be in black and white and is meant to be somewhat rough as we decide together on which of the 3 general directions is best.
  3. Logo Development Phase: Once you’ve narrowed down from 3 to 1, we’ll finesse that chosen option to perfection including whatever custom typography or illustration is needed to make it truly your own. We’ll also show it to you mocked up in a couple of sample applications like a webpage, social post, or a mug (whatever makes sense for your brand) so you can visualize it coming to life. 
  4. Logo and Guidelines Phase: Once you’ve given the official thumbs up on your new logo, we’ll build out all the files you’ll need like full color, black and white, print, web, and so forth. Then we’ll create a brand guidelines document that simplifies the use of your logo for you, with details about how and when to use different versions as well as other do’s and don’ts. (Let us know if you’re not familiar with this type of doc and we’d be happy to send examples. They are a super useful resource to have!)
  5. Final Delivery: From there, we’ll hand over all the final logo files as well as the brand guidelines doc and let you run with it! (But of course, we’re happy to also help with marketing strategy and launch at this point, based on your needs).