Brand Purpose Project

Brand Purpose Project

Our handcrafted, collaborative approach to brand strategy empowers our clients to develop a meaningful foundation within their brands. Our goal is to get to know your heart and soul, and through this create a comprehensive identity that starts with purposeful messaging and ends with actionable strategy.

The Brand Purpose Project is designed to uncover purpose and propel your business to success through 5 phases:

Mission: Define how your business serves.
Pledge: Get clear on the promises you deliver.
Matchmaking: Feel confident your messages will reach the right customers.
Awareness: Be intentional about the way customers perceive your brand.
Launch: Create a winning strategy that aligns with your business foundation.

What does a collaborative approach mean? In the Brand Purpose Project we work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire three months to develop your brand together. We have ongoing conversations as we create your brand messaging. We use a “green light” process to move through the phases, knowing that at the end we’ll come back and polish everything to completion.

We created this process because over the years, when working on brand projects with clients, we noticed the majority of business owners want to be highly involved. Many times, when working with a traditional firm, you might have a couple interviews and then firm disappears and comes back in a few weeks to present what they believe is your best brand. But, the Brand Purpose Project enables business owners to be involved from A to Z.

At the end, you’ll receive a comprehensive brand guide book that details all the pieces of your story and will be referenced as you develop sales + marketing campaigns and make decisions about the future of your business. We’ll also leave you with next steps for an implementation strategy to start sharing your brand with its intended audience.