Be My Brand

Be My Brand

This is the perfect match for entrepreneurs looking to clearly define their brand + story. We’ve taken our expertise in brand strategy and applied the essentials.

Be My Brand creates clarity + confidence in business communications and decisions as you define and share your brand + success story. We’ll walk through 3 phases:

– Soul Mission
– Brand Mission
– Brand Purpose

You’ll have a clearly defined personal purpose statement, brand purpose + mission statement. We’ll also write personal + brand biographies that can be used on social media, websites and other marketing materials. This means you’ll be telling a compelling story, consistently, wherever your brand shows up. GREAT!

We’d also modify your content to fit essential spaces on social media and other digital platforms so that you are telling a consistent story everywhere you appear.

Content + Social Media Descriptions (Included in Project)

  • Soul Mission Statement
  • Long form “About” your brand, including brand mission + purpose
  • About Me Bio (generally up to 300 words)
  • Facebook About
  • Facebook Story
  • LinkedIn About

Additional Assets (Custom Projects)

  • Logo design
  • Brochure design
  • Website content
  • Other as relevant to your industry