I work with service-based, lifestyle entrepreneurs interested in purposeful, socially conscious living.

This statement took me a while to come by, but it’s extremely important to how I connect with the clients I can best serve. For example, if you’re not a service-based, lifestyle entrepreneur interested in socially conscious living … you may have already stopped reading. (If not, that’s cool — anyone can find value in learning more about finding your niche and talking to your audience.)

So how did I decide that these people are my people?

While this was an extensive process and I can’t completely help you to a well-defined niche in one simple post, I can offer some insight into how I got here.

It started first by looking at the work I do and having a willingness to narrow that work for a specific sector of audience. Previously, I may have said: I do branding, websites, social media, e-mail newsletters, blogs and some nonprofit writing.

Now, I’m laser focused: I help to clarify your story to simplify sales + marketing through brand story + writing strategies. That right there kicks some people out of my potential client circle.

SCARED? It’s ok, keep going.

Then, I thought a lot about how I do my work. It starts with purposeful foundation to understand the person and brand, and its intent is to propel more good in the world. Socially conscious.

Eventually, we developed our mission statement to reflect these goals:

Presence&Company creates determination for our people in business, life and philanthropy. We keep company with individuals who genuinely care about others, have a deep desire to leave a friendly footprint and aspire to grow a positive business and lifestyle. When our people feel confident in following their hearts, we know we’re serving our role. Our ripple effect enacts positive change on the world, creating a shared sense of responsibility and enhancing our collective experiences and connections.

Mind you, this was written before I had clearly defined my niche. I had an idea where I was going, but still wandered a bit in the dark.

Moving on … start having conversations with the people you want to serve. Understand a bit more about them, realize the common threads, sew a story about the people you best connect with.

Eventually, you’ll connect dots. Create a statement like mine. And commit.

WHAT? Why did I have to bring in a big, scary word …?! Commitment?! Oh, I know. The struggle is real. It can feel like you’re doing a disservice by pigeonholing, but actually what you’re doing is creating the pathway to reaching more people who specifically resonate with your message. Then you connect, you do your work, and they thrive.

Bottom line, the more defined you get about the work you do and your own brand – the better you can understand and define your audience, and the more often you can reach the right people to serve.