The most successful brands build relationships with their customers. Truth be told, the brand isn’t really in the relationship — it’s the people behind it, who’ve made their brand human. People do business with people, after all.

In working to morph your brand into this mortal existence, an important early step is to know your personal brand and understand where that fits within your company.

While you are likely only a piece of the pie when it comes to the services / products your company provides, you’re still a vital asset with whichever skills and passions you bring every day.

Here are three simple concepts that to get started in using your personal brand for business.


Developing your personal reputation as a strong leader in the arena where you do business can go a long way to increasing the success of your company. This means standing out among those in the industry and showcasing your experience, knowledge and ideas.

This doesn’t mean you need to go back to school, get more degrees or obtain multiple certifications. This can actually be a simple process when you get creative about inviting the right opportunities.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Join associations in your industry: And, get active. Join a board if it fits your schedule. Learn from the other leaders and begin to establish your network.
  • Write your ideas: whether a blog on your own website, or pitches to existing platforms to publish your work.
  • Leverage social media: While you’re probably using Facebook for personal use, why not start sharing some professional ideas there, too? Afterall, your career is a strong part of your personal profile and you’re probably connected to people who could turn into or lead to clients.
  • Find speaking opportunities: Are there places you could give a presentation about your knowledge? Have confidence in yourself, generally we all actually know more than we give ourselves credit.


The best way to make your brand feel human is to allow it to feel real. When we are genuine in our interactions – whether in any of the leadership examples above, directly with prospective and existing customers or otherwise – people start to trust us.

When someone trusts you, what happens? They feel confident in buying your brand. They believe your products or services will improve your lives. They are more apt to share your name and what you do with others who would benefit.


At the end of the day, there is still a world of competition and noise out there – and we’re not always going to be the right fit for every customer.

When you fuse your personal brand into your company brand, customers get a better sense of who you are and whether it’s a strong fit. This means you’re more likely to attract customers you’ll actually enjoy, because they enjoy you, too.

When there are dozens of photographers to chose, restaurants to dine in, clothing retailers to purchase from – it can be your voice that stands out, your personality that shines and influences the customer to buy.

You’re happy, they’re happy – and it’s a #winwin.

The Brand Purpose Project

Lyssa Schmidt is the creator of the Brand Purpose Project, which creates confidence for business leaders and entrepreneurs in a clearly defined brand, deeper sense of purpose and winning strategy. The Brand Purpose Project enables participants to experience an engaged energy between your brand and your customers, propelling your business in its goals and growth. Sign up for my free training to learn more.