Define Your Audience: Skip all the customer persona hoopla – just do this two part exercise to get started.

Step 1. Ask yourself: Who will value what I plan to do? Make a list of real people. Getting this list to at least 5 is important. Growing that list to 10 is useful, but don’t stress if you can’t get there — the second half of this exercise is most important.

Step 2. Make a list of the attributes of a person who would value what you plan to do. If you need help brainstorming these attributes, just think of the real people and leverage their attributes. Ones that they have in common will be more applicable, but if only one person has an attribute that seems relevant then add it to your list.

Reflect on these lists. Are all the attributes important to you? Do they align with the type of client you want to have? Is anything missing? 

Who on your list best reflects the type of person who will value this work? Keep that person in mind as a real-life customer persona clearly defined through the attributes you’ve extracted. Now, get back to defining your niche in a way that will suit this person.